Appendix A

Evidence of Value Study Performed

This cover sheet must be submitted for each Value Study claimed.


Name of the Project :

Date(s) of VA / VE Study :

Time in hours spent on the VA / VE Study :

Calculate points claimed : (See Certification Manual for points allowed under A1b1, team member or A1b2, Team leader)


BRIEF Project Description :

You must attach the following information and only the following information. Submit copies of the pages from the study report, but DO NOT submit the entire report. Submittals with excessive documentation will be returned without review.

  1. The job Plan followed. (If the same for all studies claimed, need only be submitted once)
  2. A roster of participants clearly illustrating your role.
  3. Evidence of functional Analysis such as functional worksheets, FAST Diagram, Functional / Cost Allocation of Worksheets, etc, which demonstrate the use of Function Analysis and definition during the study.
  4. A brief summary of proposals developed.