Authorization and Objectives

The National Council of the Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST) has structured the Certification Programme to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To create and maintain professional standards and improve the practice of Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA / VE) by identifying individuals who have successfully completed certain established educational and experience criteria.

  2. To establish and maintain a professional recognition professional skills and competence in accordance with the standards set forth.

  3. To clarify disciplines, methods and procedures in the application of (VE / VA); to create a better professional and public understanding of the Value profession; to develop universal acceptance and application of Value practices.

  4. To establish and maintain ethical standards for the practice of VA / VE by those certified.

  5. To recognize persons of demonstrated competence, to encourage leaders in the development and application of VA / VE ; to provide examples of successful application of projects in the industry and the government.

Overall policy for the CVS programme is established by the INVEST National Council.The Certification Board has been empowered to establish specific requirements and procedures for conducting the Certification Programme.

Note: All queries regarding Certification policies or procedures should be directed to the Certification Board Chairman.