Submitting Evidence


The application must be reviewed, approved and signed by the Advisor. Applications not signed by the Advisor will be returned to the applicant.



  1. Assemble the needed documentation as shown in the Certification activities list.

  2. Arrange the material in a sequence matching the sequence used in the certification programme requirements list. Pieces which apply to multiple activity must go in the first portion applicable. It is not necessary to duplicate evidence within the package as long as such evidence is clearly marked.

  3. Number the pieces of supporting item by category and item. If a document such as a report contains evidence in more than 1 category or item number, note the affected page with the applicable reference, such as A1, B2, C1, etc.

  4. Complete the application form

  5. Prepare a cover sheet as follows :
    • List your name, address that you wish be used for any future correspondence, telephone number and FAX number, if available.
    • For each category and sub-item, include a list of the Certification activity you are claiming.

  6. Applicants receiving requests for additional information, who fail to respond within a three month period, will receive a notice of delinquency within 30 days which will result in the cancellation of the application.

  7. Submit: Original plus three copies of application and attachments.

  8. Failure to comply with these requirements will delay the application review and may result in the application being returned to the candidate.