Pre-Certification Preparation

To obtain any certification status requires the successful completion of several steps. Good planning will assist candidates in reaching their certification goals.



A mandatory step in Certification is to select a CVS adviser familiar with the current certification requirements. The adviser will represent and guide the candidate through the certification process.

The second step is to determine how many points have been earned. This should be reviewed with the adviser listing all accomplishments or points earned and points needed in each area to apply for the designated certification.

As a third step, list the items of evidence acquired along with the documentation required. Compile evidence of any activities completed which earn points. Then prepare the submittal application attaching the documented points earned and have your adviser review the material and sign the application for compliance. Evidence of activity completions must be maintained while engaging in Certification activities.



The successful completion of an approved Value Workshop and /or value Seminar is essential to Certification recognition. An effective workshop brings together the principles, academics and application of Value discipline and applies this knowledge to a live project as a real problem or opportunity looking for a solution.

All CVS applicants must have completed Module 1 workshop and Module 2 Seminar. The course must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The courses claimed for credit must have been completed no more than 6 years prior to application.
  2. The course certificate must contain the following information for acceptance :
    • Name of the attending participant
    • The course approval number and the expiry date.
    • The CVS number and the expiry date for the CVS instructor.
    • The signature of the responsible CVS instructor.
    • The name of the course, ie module 1 or 2
    • A statement that the participant has satisfactorily completed a 40 hour ( Module 1) Workshop or a 24 hour (Module 2) Seminar as approved by the certification board of SAVE.
    • Date the approved workshop was completed.

Submit: Evidence of attendance - copy of certificate(s).



The requirement for paper is for the CVS applicant only. The submission of a previously unpublished Value related paper is required to demonstrate a knowledge of Value Engineering methodology. An abstract of the paper must be submitted to and approved by the adviser prior to paper submission. The paper must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Length to be a minimum 2500 and maximum of 5000 words.

  2. Be approved and signed by the adviser

  3. Must demonstrate knowledge of Value Engineering methodology, management and theory. If specific value studies are referenced the candidate must illustrate the Value technologies being utilized.

  4. Must be written for the exclusive purpose of CVS Certification and shall not have been previously published or presented.

Note: Guidelines for paper are presented in the back of the manual.



All CVS applicants must have an Adviser. The CVS Adviser position is of considerable importance to the CVS applicant. The Adviser MUST review, approve and sign the original application.

Advisers are required to review, approve and sign the accomplishments, documentation and point values needed in each area and verify all documents.

The applicant is responsible for locating and getting the approval of a CVS to act as a responsible Adviser. The certification member, CVS Board Chair and/or Zonal Council Chairman will be able to assist in identifying an Adviser.

Note: Document the CVS Adviser by letter to allow both the applicant and the Adviser to retain it for later certification credit.


Adviser Guidelines

  1. Assist with topic selection for paper presentation and abstract.
  2. Review application for compliance to applicable requirements.
  3. Review paper for subject compliance and format.
  4. Sign application as having reviewed the application and that to the best of the Adviser's knowledge the application is complete, accurate and fulfills the certification norms.
  5. Notify the applicant to send the application, documentation and fee to the INVEST Certification Administrator for processing.



Examinations can be given at any time after all material has been submitted and the candidate's application has been approved. Examination are given annually, by invitation at the site of INVEST National Conference. Examinations may also be given to the applicants by a qualified proctor. A qualified Proctor may be a current or past member of the Certification Board, a full time faculty member of some recognized college or University, or an individual designated specially by the Certification Board. To sit for the examination at the annual conference, a candidate must have their paper approved, a minimum of 2 months prior to the conference.

All candidates not taking the exam at the annual INVEST conference must submit the name of their Proctor to the Certification Board for approval. When a confirmation letter from a Proctor has been received, the examination will be scheduled with the designated Proctor who will be given specific instructions. If the examination is not taken within 30 days of the scheduled date, the unopened examination package must be returned.

If the applicant fails the examination, the applicant is required to retake only that segment(s) of the exam failed. The applicant must re-apply to retake the examination and a Proctor if used be reconfirmed.

Note: When an individual's application is approved, the Certification Board Administrator notifies the candidate of eligibility to take the examination at the annual conference or utilizing a Proctor. All examinations questions are based upon material/information required to be taught in the approved VE training courses and enhanced by practical VE work experience.