Description of Qualifying Certification Points

Following is a listing of the five categories from which points must be earned by the applicant for CVS Certification. Each Category includes a description of the activity, points allowed and submittal requirements to receive credit. Unless otherwise specified, all activities must have been accomplished within 4 years of application.



1a. Value Employment

Employed principally as a Value Practitioner, Value Consultant or equivalent. Those who have changed employers but are still engaged in Value work must provide a statement of the work performed and the period claimed. This statement must be attested by an immediate senior during the period claimed. Points will be pro-rated for less than full time involvement.

Credit : 5 points per full time year pro-rated; a minimum of 10 points must be achieved within 4 years for CVS application.

Submit: Information regarding your overall job duties including the Value work you were involved with, the percentage of time spent in various duties and the length of your employment. This information must be confirmed by the signature of a Supervisor or Client and the CVS Advisor. Include organizational chart identifying position and job description where available.


1b. Value Teams

  1. List the VA / VE studies in which the candidate participated in as a team member or otherwise performed on live projects.

    Credit : 1 point per 16 hours or fraction thereof  for project time in applying the VE methodology in a team or independent study.

  2. List the times the candidate participated as a leader of a VE team resulting in a documented proposal for implementation.

    Credit : 1 point per 8 hours or fraction thereof of project time applying VA / VE process as a team leader or assisting on a multi-team effort.

    Submit: Information regarding the time spent on the project, the nature of the project, a summary of the proposals developed, and the expected implementation activity. This data must clearly illustrate that the efforts were "value" studies and not just cost reduction, idea improvements, etc. The data must include function definition/analysis and illustrate the use of a VA / VE Job plan. This information is for both categories 1a and 1b.

    Complete reports are not required. As a minimum, the substantiation will include:

    • Cover sheet detailing dates and time of project
    • Project staffing illustrating applicant's role as a team member or team leader
    • A brief project summary illustrating the VA /VE Job Plan followed and results obtained. Evaluation points are not awarded for excessive documentation.
    Appendix A includes a worksheet and a sample data package of a VE study to assist the applicant in substantiating these credits.

    Note: If the applicant feels the project is not adequately protected by confidentiality of the Certification Board procedures, the project and results may be described in generic terms such as "worked on complex electronics to develop changes in manufacturing process and material handling".

  3. Supplemental Value Related Experience

    Working experience in many fields can make a strong contribution to the knowledge and experience of a Value Specialist.

    Credit: 2 points per full time year, prorated.

    Submit: A resume of your of your working experience identifying the experience that you believe supplements your Value field activity and the duration of that experience .

    Note : This is in addition to credits received for part time effort under A2 and ,therefore, cannot reflect the same as credits claimed under A2. All credits are limited to the previous 4 years or since completion of the Module 1 course, whichever is less.



1. Value Learning

Credit is given under this activity for all formal learning activity at courses, conferences and meetings organized by a Value oriented Society or other professionally recognized organizations.

  1. Value Society Meetings - 1 point each.
  2. Value Society Conference, such as the annual INVEST Conference or other INVEST sponsored conferences - 2 points per 8 hours or fraction of attendance.
  3. Value Engineering / Analysis courses (in addition to the required courses for certification) - 2 points per 8 hours or fraction thereof.
  4. Any additional courses relating to or supplementing the Value Disciplines in the form of classes, conferences or meetings - 1 point per 8 hours or fraction thereof.

Submit: A list of Value Society meetings and conferences attended. For other courses, conferences and meetings: evidence of attending, such as copy of certificate of completion, description of content, agenda, instructor, length of course and date completed.


2. Professional License or Degree

Points are given for a 4 year degree program or equivalent, prorated for a 4 year degree. A completed degree will be credited as a full degree. There will be no proration for any uncompleted degree.

Licenses are given credit upon award. Renewals and registrations in additional states earn extra credits. No prorated points are awarded for licenses.

Licenses and certificates considered acceptable for credits include but are not limited to:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Registered Professional Architect
  • Certified Cost Engineer
  • Certified Purchasing Manager
  • Certified Teacher
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer

Other licenses should include a description of their applicability to the Value profession.

Credit : 20 points per 4 year degree, advanced degree or professional license. 10 points for a 2 year degree.

Submit: Evidence of completion of award such as a copy of the document.



1. Value Training

Credit is given for teaching courses is given in Value Methodology and Management and for teaching Value as a person of a longer course on another topic.

Credit :1point per 8 hours or fraction thereof.

Submit: Evidence of teaching such as a signed letter from an Administrator and a course description with agenda, content and length. 


2. Value Related Teaching

Credit is given for teaching in areas related to the Value doctrines such as Cost Analysis, Group Dynamics, Total Quality Management or Proposal Presentation.

Credit :1 point per 12 hours or fraction thereof.

Submit: Evidence of teaching such as a signed letter from an Administrator and a course description with agenda, content and length.



1. Writing

The writing of original papers, essays, books, thesis or other materials relating to Value discipline will be awarded a maximum of 1 point per 500 words, following the judgement of the paper based on the content, ingenuity, originality, clarity. The number of points awarded will be divided by the number of persons in jointly authored materials.

2. Media Materials

Credit is given for Value related media materials made available to the public. Such materials include films, video tapes, company news letters and other printed texts.

Credit: 5 points if published in a Value publication or in a company media. 10 points if published in an educational institute, professional organization or any other public media.

Submit: Copy of work and evidence of publication.

3. Speaking on Value

Credit is given for speeches outside normal job duties, including presentation to promote Value within a company if not normally associated in a candidate's job description.

Credit: 5 points per presentation

Submit: Information about the topic, the length (minimum 15 minutes) of the presentation, size and the interest of the audience, sponsoring organization and confirmation.



1. Value Society

Participation in a recognized Value oriented Society is considered beneficial in the continued development of a Value Specialist, through close interaction with fellow professionals. Assisting in the operation of a society helps both the Value Specialist and the Society.


a.Society membership1.25 points per year
b.Chapter office4.0 points per year
c.National Council member / Chapter Chairman8.0 points per year
d.Certification Board8.0 points per year
e.National Board / Value Foundation Board10.0 points per year
f.Committee persons serving under b, c, d, e above will receive 4 points if endorsement by the committee head.

Submit: A signed statement or an endorsement or a copy of a certificate of presentation

2. Awards

Professional Value related awards recognizing achievements in various areas.


a.Awards from a National Value Society10 points each
b.Awards from a Value Society Chapter2 points each
c.Any other Value related National Award from other Organisation5 points each

Submit: The basics of accomplishment for the award and evidence of the award itself.