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Data Supporting A1b1 and A1b2

Value Task Team

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Certification Programme - INVEST

May, 2009


Data to Substantiate Credits for Points Claimed Under Section A1 - Performed





A major responsibility of the Certification Board is to assure that the Certification and Re-certification applications truly represent value engineering study effort and not any other forms of cost improvement and / or product / process improvement. It has long been held by professionals in Value Engineering that Function Definition and Analysis is the heart of Value Engineering and if Function Definition and Analysis is not performed, the task is not Value Engineering.

It has been apparent to members of the Certification Board that verifying this effort has been the major cause for review requiring additional information from applicants to substantiate the points claimed under Section A1 - Performed. This is not to say the work claimed in most cases were not truly Value Engineering, just that the original data submitted did not provide the information necessary for the review panel to approve the applications. In the vast majority of the cases the additional information requested and supported did substantiate the applicant's validity. However it has meant request for additional data, the applicant going back and regathering this data and submitting it and then resending the package to the review panel, al of which greatly delays the approval cycle.

Based on the frequency of this occurance,the Certification Board has prepared the attached Sample Data Pack illustrating the kind of data which would adequately substantiate Value Engineering studies. The sample pack, of course, is not the only version of such data allowed .Each Value Engineering may have his own method and data pack. Neither is this sample intended to illustrate "the correct " data , either in content or technical appropriateness. Rather it is an illustration to assist in preparing Certification and Recertification applications.

This example illustrates that it requires only three to four pages per study to adequately illustrate the Value engineering validity. If the applicant uses the same VA /VE Job Plan for all studies, the plan nee only be described once , as in this example. A cover sheet showing all the projects claimed, with dates and time also will greatly aid the evaluation .A summary of results for each study can be completed in one or two paragraphs .The Board does not need the complete the report.

For any questions, we suggest that you discuss the preparation of your application with your advisor if you are applying for CVS status. Also you may contact the certification member or, if appropriate chairman of the Certification Board.

Explanation & Comments for points claimed by R. Srinivas, under Section A.1.b. Team or Task Force Leader

All VE studies conducted by ABC incorporated follow a standard VE Job Plan as described in the attachments.The assigned VE Team Leader for al ABC incorporated VE projects is responsible for the pre study and post study phases as well as leading the VE team study effort.The individual cover sheets show that R.Srinivas was responsible for each project claimed for credit.


Guardrail Jan 2-6, 20xxPre-Study12
Hospital A/CFeb 9-12, 20xxPre-Study6
Bridge Abutment Mar 2-6, 9-10, 20xxPre-Study8
Procurement Procedures Mar 23-25, 20xxPre-Study24

Total Points : 308/8 = 38

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