VE Job Plan

All projects conducted by the Value Engineering Department of XYZ Ltd. follow a standard VE Job Plan, consisting of 6 phases:

Pre-study work

  • Select projects (through meetings with internal departments and the customer).
  • Select study team (and obtain commitments).
  • Determine study schedule.
  • Arrange facilities.
  • Gather basic project data.

Note: All duties and responsibility is of the VE team leader.

Information Phase

  • Complete information file.
  • Define and classify functions.
  • Develop functional relationship (via hierarchy or FAST models)
  • Establish function worth.
  • Select specific functions for study.

Function Phase

  • Identify Functions of parts/elements/process.
  • Complete a FAST diagram
  • Complete F-C-W analysis and find out high Value Index Functions for improvement.

Creativity Phase

  • Generate ideas for improvement

Evaluation Phase

  • Eliminate the obvious
  • Sort the group idea, retain the "no-brainers".
  • Identify the "best" ideas.
  • Resolve competitive combination (Decision Matrix). Develop selected combinations.

Development Phase

  • Validate concepts
  • Define implementation requirements
  • Develop implementation Plan

Presentation Phase

  • Final Presentation
  • Obtain implementation commitments
  • Follow up (VE Team Leader responsible)
  • Final Report (VE Team Leader)

Evidence of Value Study Performed

This cover sheet must be submitted for each Value Study Claimed.

Calculate points claimed: (See Certification Manual for Points allowed under A1a team member or A1b, Team leader)

68/8 = 8.5

Brief Project Description

The guardrails are installed along highways to prevent accidents. The VE study was to reduce the cost of the guardrails without deterioration of performance. An ideal solution would prevent vehicles from reentering the roadway. Any changes must result in a system that will resist the same forces and not do any greater damage to vehicles.

You must attach the following information and only the following information. Submit copies of pages from the study report, but DO NOT submit the entire report. Submittals with excessive documentation will be returned without review.

  1. The Job Plan Followed. (If the same for all studies claimed, need only be submitted once.)
  2. A roster of participation clearly indicating your role.
  3. Function Analysis such as Function Worksheets, FAST Diagrams, Function / Cost Allocation Work sheets, etc., which demonstrate the use of Function Analysis during the study.
  4. A brief summary of proposals developed.