Cash in on VE

How to Cash in on VALUE ENGINEERING?

A convenient way would be to join INVEST and participate in our training programmes which equip practicing managers to create value for their organization by focusing on different aspects of value creation potential.

We have members in virtually every state of India and we maintain a network of Councils/Chapters throughout the country for your convenience.

As a member you will be entitled to receive a membership card, our quarterly newsletter, and the latest publications on value engineering. You get to attend all the Council's business meetings, lectures, dinners and panel discussion. You get special discount on Council/Chapter sponsored seminars, workshops and books. Our library will be at your disposal.

Above all, you can interact with leaders in the field of Value Engineering and exchange ideas/information with them.

From time to time, INVEST organizes workshops/programmes on the practical implementation of value engineering principles. These can range from half-day sessions for small scale industries to five-day modules and workshops.

INVEST organizes lectures and seminars on subjects related to value management. We also arrange value engineering related site visits to small, medium and large scale industries. Needless to say, we ensure that our faculty is well qualified with a rich experience in the exciting field of value creation.