What is VE?

Value Engineering and its Benefits

What is Value Engineering?

Value Engineering is a function oriented, systematic team approach and study to provide value in a product, system or service. Often, this improvement is focused on cost reduction; however other important areas such as customer perceived quality and performance are also of paramount importance in the value equation.

Value Engineering techniques can be applied to any product process procedure system or service in any kind of business or economic activity including health care, governance, construction, industry and in the service sector.

Value Engineering focuses on those value characteristics which are deemed most important from the customer point of view.

Value Engineering is a powerful methodology for solving problems and/or reducing costs while maintaining or improving performance and quality requirements.

Value Engineering can achieve impressive savings, much greater than what is possible through conventional cost reduction exercise even when cost reduction is the objective of the task.


What are the benefits of Value Engineering ?

Value Engineering helps your organization in :

  • Lowering O & M costs
  • Improving quality management
  • Improving resource efficiency
  • Simplifying procedures
  • Minimizing paperwork
  • Lowering staff costs
  • Increasing procedural efficiency
  • Optimizing construction expenditures
  • Developing value attitudes in staff
  • Competing more successfully in marketplace 

Value Engineering helps you to learn how to :

  • Improve your career skills
  • Separate "Symptoms" from "problems"
  • Solve "root cause" problems and capture opportunities
  • Become more competitive by improving "bench-marking" process
  • Take command of a powerful problem solving methodology to use in any situation


How is Value Engineering Applied ?

The technique of Value Engineering is governed by a structured decision making process to assess the value of procedures or services. Whenever unsatisfactory value is found, a Value Management Job plan can be followed. This procedure involves the following 8 phases :

1. Orientation  2. Information  3. Function  4. Creativity  5. Evaluation  6. Recommendation  7. Implementation  8. Audit


Where can I find more about Value Engineering ?

The best and most convenient way to learn the technique of Value Engineering and its application, is by becoming a member of Indian Value Engineering Society (INVEST).

INVEST is a professional society established in October, 1977 and dedicated to the advancement of Value Engineering through education. This provides a better understanding of the principles, methods and concepts of value technology. INVEST has members in virtually every state in India. It maintains a network of chapters throughout the country and provides its members with additional educational opportunities at the local level.

INVEST is affiliated to the Society of American value Engineers (SAVE).